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Crystals are known for their aesthetic features, brilliant luster, and magical healing power from ancient times. They have a long history that shows how people from the ancient era to this modern time believe in the healing abilities of different crystals. However, today the use of crystal is not limited to mental health improvement or negativity removal. They have great importance in embellishing an object, a venue, or a decoration. So, many artisans use Asfour crystal to make their creations breathtaking and magical.

Chandelier crystals are popularly used to decorate homes where they are hung from the ceiling or set in the middle of a table to illuminate the room and improve its aesthetics. Our Asfour crystal ball decorations or Chandelier crystal bobeches can add a majestic look and create an illusion of space. The machine-cut chandelier crystals reflect perfection, elegance, and brilliance. Even in the present time, Chandeliers or ceiling fixtures are still able to create a visual focal point in a home or a wedding or party venue and draw the attention of all guests. Order Chandelier crystal bobeches and crystal balls for sale from our wholesale crystal suppliers to add a new definition and meaning to your decoration.

Crystals and the jewelry industry go hand in hand today. There is no woman who is not enamored with the beauty of crystals. So, the crystal jewelry market is getting bigger and bigger and spreading in each and every corner of the world. Aside from its dazzling shine rainbows, crystals are a cheaper alternative for diamonds. So, many women wear crystal jewelry as a replacement for diamonds to have the same look at a pocket-friendly price. A pear shape crystal & crystal pendant and a silver chain will just be perfect with any of your casual wear. You can pair it with your long party gowns or your casual t-shirts and jeans to make a fashion statement. Check out the collection to explore our pear shape crystals to make a pendant, earrings, or even bracelets with them. Our heart shape crystals by Asfour are also used in jewelry making to complement the artistry and add a pure shine.

Crystal prisms are known for their light dispersion ability. So, they have a high demand in various industries. But, they have unparalleled significance in home and venue decoration as well. Our Asfour crystal prisms can be placed anywhere for aesthetic purposes and turn the room or place into a fascinating and dreamy space.

All crystal designs presented by ABCrystal come in different sizes to fit your specific requirements. We are a trusted wholesale crystal supplier of 30% Lead crystals from Asfour to assure our customers of the highest quality. ABCrystal brings a variety of crystal bobeches, pear and heart shape crystals, crystal prisms, octagon crystals, pendeloques crystals, crystal drops, and crystal balls for sale online for different customers including venue decorators, jewelry makers, etc. Our crystals can be used for decoration for weddings, parties, baby showers, Christmas, and more. You can also create suncatchers, Chandelier accents, and more with different crystals available in our Collection.

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