Asfour Pendeloque Crystals

According to many people, Asfour pendeloque crystals have magical healing power that can improve one’s mental, emotional and spiritual health. But, what it surely does is enhance one’s appearance and make them stand out, no matter where they are.

Inspired by the sequence of beautiful colors of the rainbow, ABCrystal presents Asfour pendeloque crystal crafted in the purest materials- 30% Lead Crystal. With precision machine-cut, the brilliant sparkle and vibrant rainbows of this crystal pendeloque make them simply alluring and breathtaking. Our pendeloque crystals come with clear surfaces that radiate light, add the illusion of space, and outshine any other pieces of jewelry.  

The beauty and luster of our pendeloque crystals always steal the spotlight. While being aesthetically appealing, crystal pendeloques look just perfect with any outfit. ABCrystal understands women’s obsession with crystals and that makes us an honest distributor of Chandelier crystals in the USA. We are a top wholesaler of high-quality Chandelier crystals with our extensive relationship with crystal manufacturers. We carry the highest standards of quality that give our customers the satisfaction they are looking forward to while buying crystals. Incorporating advanced technology, we strive to give our customers the best that they deserve.

ABCrystal brings beautiful crystal parts that are appealing to everyone. The charm of crystal pendeloques and their mesmerizing colors give glittering dreamlike magical effects to enhance your every look and complement your style. 

Check out our clear and transparent lead crystal parts and select the perfect size for your needs. Embellish any piece of jewelry with our sparkling and glowing crystal parts and make them more gorgeous and elegant. We will be happy to satisfy your requirements and deliver your order as soon as possible. 

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