Our Heart-shaped Asfour Crystal selection comes with a magical sparkle that makes these crystals second to none. In aspects of lighting and beauty, the difference between Asfour Crystal and other crystals is huge and completely visible. Unlike other crystals, Asfour Crystals don’t absorb light. As these crystal parts are made from clear glass, they can reflect light and sparkle like a diamond.

Asfour crystal heart Prism Hanging-Sun-Catcher-Beads each have one integrated hole for hassle-free mounting. Use split rings to affix them to wind chimes, chandelier pins to replace damaged or missing chandelier crystals, or monofilament lines to hang them as crystal-window-suncatchers indoors or inside of cars. Wherever you add Asfour Crystal Suncatchers, you can expect radiant charm and a renewed sense of energy and positivity.

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