Asfour Crystal Pearshape

What can be a better way to express your style than jewelry crafted with crystals? Women are fond of crystal jewelry that add glamor to their appearance and significance to their style. Pear shape crystals are adored by all women who want something brilliant yet elegant for special occasions. 

We know what customers are looking for and we provide exactly the same to exceed their expectations. Our crystal parts create a majestic look and make a simple piece of jewelry aesthetically appealing and captivating. Jewelry coupled with our pear shape crystals makes every woman a stunner and the star of the event. 

Asfour 30% Lead crystals by ABCrystal with precision machine-cut can add extra glam and versatility. Artisans can make each and every piece of jewelry personalized with our pear shape crystals. They will go magnificently with a fancy dress or traditional attire. A pendant with a pear shape crystal can complement women’s everyday look while an extravagantly designed necklace, earrings, or bracelet will give them a stunning look and elevate their appearance.

ABCrystal gives you access to a myriad of crystal styles, shapes, and sizes for jewelry making. Our pear shape crystals can also be used for decorations. Explore our exclusive selection of crystals to find the shape for your requirements.