Asfour Crystal Drops

Crystal drops are used as a pendant that can complement a silver or gold chain and make it a fashion accessory. So, it is popular among people who love to wear crystals or want a cheaper replacement for diamonds. The beautiful rainbows created by genuine crystal drops are truly breathtaking and spectacular. Not only for making jewelry, but crystal drops are also used for various decoration purposes such as party and wedding venue decoration, Christmas tree decoration, art projects, suncatchers, Chandelier accents, and more.

Our beautiful Asfour Crystal drop pendants are made with the purest materials to give off a brilliant shine and purity. These 30% Lead Crystals are getting more attention from crystal buyers for their precision machine cuts that make it possible to create illuminating sparkles and rainbows. Our crystal drops will add a magical feel to any piece of art or decoration without fail.

ABCrystal brings 100% genuine Asfour crystal drops that can beat other crystals in terms of purity and aesthetics. We are a trusted dealer and wholesaler of crystal parts and bobeches manufactured by Asfour Crystal. We carry a wide range of crystal parts with diverse sizes and styles to fit your requirements. Our crystal drops are perfect for artisans associated with jewelry making as they can make their creations more beautiful and charming by adding these drops.

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