Sunflower Crystal

Crystal chandeliers give off a romantic vibe and magical feel that can easily brighten the mood and make everyone mesmerized. So, people love to have crystals around whether it is engraved on jewelry or attracted to their keychains, placed in their room as a showpiece like chandelier bobeches, prisms, or crystal candelabra, or hung from their ceiling as a chandelier. You can find them in our collection no matter what shape you prefer. ABCrystal carries 30% Lead crystals by Asfour, an Egyptian crystal manufacturing company with years of expertise and an impeccable industry reputation. 

ABCrystal is a leading online distributor of Chandelier crystal parts offering a vast range of Asfour crystals for sale. We present 30% lead crystals manufactured by Asfour Crystals in Egypt to give you access to the highest quality standards and genuine crystal parts. Our crystals are commonly used for decorating venues for weddings, baby showers, parties, Christmas tree decorations, art projects, necklaces, and ornaments to make them more magical. We offer genuine Asfour crystals at wholesale prices and free shipping for all US orders at $35 and up while ensuring easy returns.

Our crystal parts are crafted to embellish any simple decoration and make it extravagant and spectacular. We have a variety of crystal shapes ranging from pear and heart-shaped crystals, crystal prisms, pendeloques crystals, octagon crystals, crystal drops, crystal balls for decoration, and crystal Chandelier bobeches for sale. Our crystal parts are made of clear glass and 30% Lead to create beautiful rainbows for a magical environment. 

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