Clear Asfour Crystal Prism Hanging Ball Box of 90 - 30mm, #701 - Window Sun Catcher Crystal Ball, Crystal Disco Ball, Light Pull Crystal - 1 Hole

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These beautiful wholesale crystal chandelier parts, Asfour Clear Crystal Ball Prisms, for your consideration, are Made of Quality 30% Lead Crystal, Precision Machine -Cut, to present the excellent purity and brilliance of these drop Prisms, These Crystals are made with the purest materials, Clear surfaces to radiate light, add the illusion of space and inspire ambition. these are great adders to your new or antique chandelier, wedding decoration, suncatcher, or crystal ornament, and perfect for Christmas tree decorations.

BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME and welcome positive energy with Asfour Crystal Prism Sun Catchers for indoor windows and chandeliers. Multifaceted crystal prisms bounce light energy and create unexpected beams of color. 

30% LEAD CRYSTAL promotes maximum refraction of light. This makes Asfour Crystal Ball Prisms the perfect replacement chandelier crystals, light catchers for windows, and crystal car hanging ornaments.

CRYSTAL CLEAR AURORA BOREALIS glass prism balls result in a brilliant sparkling effect. Using the proprietary cutting machine, we ensure flawless precision cuts for opulent, uniform large crystal beads.

SINGLE HANGING HOLES at the top of each crystal prism ball simplifies installation. Attach these crystal chandelier prisms with metal pins, or use split rings or monofilament line to hang suncatcher beads.

VERSATILE CRYSTAL SUNCATCHERS for windows can also be used as wind chime replacement parts, as chandelier crystals replacements and as crystal beads for crafting car chandeliers and garden decor.



Brand: Asfour Crystal

·  Material: 30% Lead Crystal

·  Art # 701

·  Shape: Round

·  Origin: Egypt

·  Holes: 1

·  Color: Crystal Clear

·  Package Quantity: 90 Pieces/ 1 Box

·   Size: 30 mm


High-definition crystal round ball shape prisms are made of the top made of top quality 30% lead crystal, precision machines can refract lovely rainbow light in the sun.

A transparent crystal sun catcher is suitable for various decoration occasions. Such as gardens, homes, Feng shui crystal, Chandeliers, Christmas trees, curtains, windows, plants, trees, weddings, walls, shelves, cabinets, cars, porches, balconies, front doors, etc.

Perfect Holiday Gifts, House Warming Gifts, Home Décor Gifts,

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