3 Ways to Level Up Your Home Decor Game with Colorful Crystals

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Recent home decorating practices involve natural colors like gray, white, beige, etc. We associate a relaxing and peaceful ambiance with these tones as they help stimulate a clean, fresh, and airy feel. We hope the use of natural colors in the background now makes sense to you, but the job of creating an in-house calming aura doesn't end here. Interior designers and homemakers still need natural or similar kinds of objects to accent rooms and promote a soothing sensation. Luckily crystals can bridge this gap. Below are a few innovative ways you may incorporate crystals to add a touch of sophistication to your interior. So, without wasting time, let's dive into the discussion.

Spark the Coffee Table

Decorating home interiors with crystals is not so hard if you think of them as tiny shimmering accessories. Just place a few vivid stones on your coffee table and witness how they transform the entire space. Consider adding a few other surrounding elements to improve the overall look and feel. For example, you can use patterned throw pillows, gold accents, wax lights, etc., and sooner, the table will become the center of attraction in your living room. 

Decorate Readymade Chandelier or Create a DIY Chandelier by Featuring Crystals

Crystals are always considered a fantastic element to decorate chandeliers. You don't need to buy any fancy or expensive chandelier for this project. An ordinary product will do the job since you will upgrade its overall appearance by featuring colorful crystals.

If you have enough time to make a fantastic decor piece, consider crafting a DIY chandelier containing hanging crystals in the bottom. Start the project by putting together elegant light fixtures leveraging golden chains and string lights. Now hang stylish stone pieces from the golden chains. Doing so will enhance your DIY chandelier's overall feel and appearance.  

You can buy Asfour crystals at a wholesale rate from ABcrystal.com for decorating your chandelier. But before making an investment, remember that color sense is critical to make any chandelier look astonishing. You must choose crystals in contrasting colors, and ensure they complement the golden chains and the entire design of the chandelier. 

Create a Mystical Vibe

The notion of terrariums can also be applied to crystals, but we will not use plants in this case. First of all, choose a corner of your living room and place a table there. Now decorate it with colorful quartz to create a crystal garden. Consider choosing attractive pieces to make your setup look mystical. You can also add a candle or other natural elements that guarantee the same magical vibe. 

These are only 3 of the many home decorating ideas you can exercise using crystals. Feel free to leave us a comment below if you want to learn about the other ideas as well. 

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