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Whether you’re making your own chandelier or are looking to buy one pre-made, the most important consideration is the quality of the crystals. If you’re making your own, you’ll need a supply of crystals and pendants; Asfour chandelier crystals wholesale options could be an ideal choice for your project. Here is what makes Asfour crystals unique:

About Asfour

The company was founded in Cairo, Egypt in 1961 and today, they have 5 factories and employ 28,000 people. Most people would agree that this company is here to stay and have built a reputation for crafting top quality crystals. In fact, they are the world’s largest producer and exporter of crystal. They are world-renowned for producing top quality products, not just for chandeliers but fashion items as well, including accessories, jewelry, apparel, and home décor items.

The company prides itself on providing customers with only the best pieces of crystal for all of their needs. So, whether you’re creating a chandelier or making a pair of earrings, you can count on Asfour crystal for quality.

When you buy wholesale, you’ll not only be saving money, but you can use them for multiple purposes. You are only limited by your imagination! These sparkling pieces are anything but ordinary and will shine brilliantly wherever they are placed.

These make great gifts for any occasion, and you can keep some pieces on hand for whenever you need them. When properly packed and protected, they will last a lifetime; but, they are meant to be showcased, so don’t store them away for too long! Here are just a few ideas on how to gift them:

  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Graduation
  • Get well soon
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas

Asfour chandelier crystals wholesale options allow you to create beautiful masterpieces without breaking your budget. The hardest part is choosing which pieces you’ll use, as there are so many that it can be hard to decide.

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