Bring Beauty and Magic in Your Home with Clear Crystal Octagon Prisms

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So, your home needs to spruce up a little. Of course, renovation and painting are options there. But, while not intending to spend so much or take so much hassle, there’s another sparkling way to add magic and beauty to your place. Do you know what it is? Just add crystal octagon prisms to your home decor! It will spruce your space beyond what you can even dream of. 

Wonder how you can do so? Let us tell that secret!


Ideas to Use Octagon Crystal Prism for Your Home Decor

While looking to add a touch of beauty and elegance to your place, crystal octagon prisms are the best way to go. In fact, it’s the perfect addition to your space to create a more relaxing and calming ambiance. But, it’s necessary to use it the right way. Here’s some ideas for you:

Hang as light fixtures-

Usually, you can find the use of octagon crystal prisms in the classic-designed chandelier these days. But, if you have no place to hang a chandelier in your dining or living space, try using them as light fixtures. You can directly hang them from any corner of your bedroom or the ceiling of your living room since it doesn’t take up much space!

You can even put them in a transparent box and place them on the bedside table near your window. The morning light will be refracted amazingly through them, and you will find the space brightened up. 

Otherwise, if you have an antique chandelier and space to hang it, redesign it by adding crystal prisms. 

Use crystal prisms as Feng Shui-

Do you believe in Feng shui? If yes, you probably know there’s faith in crystal prisms promoting well-being. Although you have artificial crystal prisms, you can boost some positivity by hanging them in different areas of your places to create a harmonious ambiance. For example:

  • Over your bed in the bedroom
  • On your office desk
  • At the entrance 
  • The center of your home

Make suncatchers-

Of course, you may have often seen octagon crystal prism suncatchers in the market. And, if you are looking for something unique for your home decor, you can actually make it your own from clear crystal octagon prisms. Suncatchers are really a fun and perfect way to create visual harmony in your interior! You will find your living space sparkling like never before!

Create rainbows-

This one is the classiest way to use octagon crystal prisms. We ensure your every morning will start with a big smile on your face every time you see it sparkling in your bedroom. You will see it refracted the light into mesmerizing colors. Just hang them in your sunny windows so they get the morning sunlight and shine!

Spruce your furniture up

Sometimes, beautifying your furniture can change the overall look of your living space, and crystal prisms play a great role here. For example, whether it be your dining table, mirrors, or chairs, you can add octagon crystal prisms and decorate them. That touch of sparkle will add a visual elegance to your rooms.  

Anyway, while buying an octagon crystal prism online for your home decor, make sure you take care of the following things:

  • Pick the right shape and size for your space. For instance, when you have a small living room, hanging large crystal prisms will make the space look overwhelming, while small ones in the large rooms will feel like ‘LOST!’ 
  • Determine first what you want. If you are looking to create rainbow colors, go for clear crystal prisms refracting the light into beautiful rainbow colors, while colorful prisms come with only one color!
  • Experience different ways to hang and place crystal prisms in your place before choosing one so you can check where you can get the desired effect!
  • It’s a perfect element to add to other home decor items, from mirrors to candles to flowers. You can bring a cohesive and elegant look to your space just in the blink of an eye!

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