A Guide to Choosing the Right Type of Crystal Chandelier

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No doubt, lighting plays a key role in the overall impact of any interior space and chandeliers are a great way to add a new dimension of style and beauty to your space.  Apart from being a functional home accessory, chandeliers can help you create the desired ambiance of any room.

However, sometimes choosing the correct type of chandelier can be a tricky job. Many people struggle to pick the right type of chandelier since they have no practical idea of how the chandelier would look in their room.

Here's a guide for you to pick suitable crystal chandeliers for various spaces of your house.

Chandelier ideas for various places in your home

If you're finishing or designing your home, you may have a plan to install a bright and high-end chandelier. The biggest question is how to understand which chandelier suits which type of room. Here's a handy guide.

Dining room chandelier

Some of the best memories a family has in the dining space. Having a bright and attractive dining room can enhance your mood also. The beautiful dining room chandelier helps set the right mood for any special occasions or regular dining times.

In case you have a modern dining room, then you can choose from a wide selection of chandeliers that complement the natural colors associated with the specific design concept. Choosing a modern chandelier can even add a sense of opulence to your dining area. You will find chandeliers with different drop heights and illumination levels. Exploring an online collection of chandeliers will never let you run out of ideas. 

In case you have a rustic dining room, you may prefer a farmhouse style less ornate and single-tiered chandelier. This simply blends with any kind of country-themed dining room. They provide the right level of illumination and you will have the right type of details without compromising on the distinct rustic character of your space. 

In case you have a dining room with tall ceilings, a large crystal chandelier will be the best pick. They will add extra elegance to your space. This can even leave a great impression on your guest. 

Foyer chandelier

In case you have a foyer with a large ceiling, you can go for a multi-layer crystal chandelier. This will add a luxurious touch to the place. 

In case, you have a small foyer with a high ceiling, then you can install an elongated crystal chandelier. This will save you space and make your foyer look even more beautiful. 

However, many times, people have a lower foyer ceiling. Then you can settle for a small chandelier.

Living room chandelier

The living room is the soul of many houses since this is the place where the family spends the majority of time together or also entertains their guests. Surely, you want to make this place relaxing, and comfortable and your choice of lighting can make or break the whole look. Choosing a chandelier for your living room can be a tricky job.

In case you have a modern living room, you can go for a state-of-the-art chandelier. This can add a robust blend of shape, form, and intentional symmetry that will add all the elements to your modern living room.

For large and luxurious living rooms,  you can say a big yes to the most luxurious and large-sized chandelier. 

However, for small living rooms, you can choose from a wide range of compact and crystal chandeliers. Just make sure it complements the design whether it is modern, rustic, or traditional.

Final Words

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