All You Need To Know About Crystal Chandelier Bobeche

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Bobeches are visually stunning bowls that were historically used for catching the dripping wax from the candles. Nowadays Bobeches do not have that many functionalities as we use light bulbs that do not drip. However, Bobeches still hold a place in our hearts and minds as they are the perfect pieces of art. Today, most Bobeches are used to design sockets, bulbs, and candle covers. A Bobeche is generally made of wood or metal. However, the piece is most beautiful when it is made out of Crystal. Bobeches that hold Crystal prisms are beautiful to watch. Moreover, decorating the room with Crystal Bobeches can enhance the visual appeal of your house. Bobeches are also spelled ‘Bobeches’ for Chandeliers and candelabras. Tiny holes are drilled into the piece and a pin is inserted through the hole and curled to create a loop. This loop is used to hold Crystal prisms to make the surroundings bright and stunning.

Key Takeaways:

There are mainly four types of Crystals; Covalent, ionic, metallic, and molecular. Each type of Crystal has a different bond between the atoms. It is a solid material whose atoms are arranged in a highly-ordered microscopic structure. Historically Crystals are known for their gorgeous aesthetic value and symbolize pure elegance that creates an excellent taste for home decor. The premium chandeliers have more crystals in their design to create a magical atmosphere in your house. You can choose the Crystal chandelier bobeche for sale to gift someone or decorate your house. You can use them like a bowl for lighting or down like an umbrella to create the perfect shade for your lights. Kindly go through this blog to know more about Crystal Chandelier Bobeche.

Crystal Chandelier Bobeche:

When a chandelier bobeche is paired with a crystal cup, the visual impact of the piece is largely increased. Anyone can be impressed by the overall design and grandeur of the Crystal Chandelier Bobeche for sale. Today, chandelier bobeches are available with silver and gold pins. It could be the perfect gift item for your nearest one, where you can impress them with the elegance of your choices. There are many designs and shapes of chandelier bobeche from where you can pick the perfect piece to gift somebody. You can also use them to decorate your apartment and provide your home with the perfect luxurious look. Clear appearance, admirable hand cuttings, and polishing of these materials will certainly blow your mind.

Why Should You Go For Crystal Bobeche?

  • If you want to host a special event and make it unique, Crystal bobeche can help you to create the perfect ambiance for your event.
  • Crystal bobeches add extra value to your lighting arrangements by providing them with sparks of colors around the place.
  • It enhances and increases the brightness of the light and creates a magical environment.
  • Even if you have a small house, you can make it bright and gorgeous through Crystal bobeches. 


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  • Clear Crystal Bobeches 4 inches silver pin with Icicle prisms
  • Clear Crystal Bobeches 4 inches Gold pin with Icicle prisms.
  • Clear Crystal Bobeches 4 inches silver pin with prisms.
  • Clear Crystal Bobeches 4 inches Gold pin with prisms.
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