Why You Should Consider Crystal Ball Prisms

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Crystal prisms come in all shapes and sizes. You can find rectangles, squares, hexagons, teardrops, octagons, hearts, pear shapes, and even ball shape. The balls are usually the most popular because they are completely round and give you the best prism looks. You want something to bounce light off of in a complete 360-degree angle and balls are the perfect way to do so.

There are many brands out there, all of whom will sell these exquisite gems for any need you have. However, the best option is always Swarovski, which offers quality and style unparalleled by any other name. Swarovski crystals are famous throughout the world because of their clarity, sparkle and precision cuts. They offer sharp cuts, assorted shapes, and colors and provide brilliant sparkle you can’t get anywhere else.

The sparkle occurs because of the glass composition, which should contain at least 30 percent lead. They may also include metallic coatings to refract more light though it isn’t a necessity.



Because the balls are faceted and led, they will contain a higher percentage of lead and be made mostly of glass. However, they can also contain boron, germanium, and carbon. All of these features together create a prismatic effect, which breaks up light into all the colors of the rainbow. These can then be cast upon the floors, ceiling, and walls, depending on where you hang them and how the natural light hits them.


Where To Hang

Many people prefer to hang crystal ball prisms on their chandelier, which will cast the prismatic glow in the daytime and the evening. When the chandelier is lit, the balls will catch the light and refract it everywhere, creating an ambiance that can’t be found with anything else.


However, you can also use them on sconces and other light fixtures anywhere in the house. They can also be hung on Christmas trees to create a magical holiday ambiance or hung anywhere there is natural or man-made lighting.

Feng Shui Hangings

If you are into Feng Shui and want to hang crystals for more balance in your life, it may be best to hang them in the corners of buildings or anywhere there are sharp edges. They can be hung in the window to “ward off” poison from busy/noisy streets and highways, as well as looming structures.


Crystal ball prisms are an excellent addition to any part of your home. Visit AB Crystal today to learn more, start shopping or find out more about them and their beads.

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