Replacement Bobeche Crystal Chandelier Part

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Chandeliers look beautiful and can catch the light in ways that traditional fixtures can’t manage. If you own a crystal chandelier, you’re probably the talk of the town, as they are exquisitely made and look beautiful with any décor. However, when you need new parts, such as a Bobeche, you may wonder where to go or what to consider. Bobesches were designed to catch the candle wax that dripped from the chandeliers in the early days. While almost every version is now electric and doesn’t require that candle wax is caught to prevent fires, they are still an attractive part of chandeliers, and it wouldn’t seem the same without them.



Now, Bobeches are just an accent piece from which the socket, candle, and bulb can rise and are sometimes adorned with various prisms and beads to accentuate their beauty. If you need to replace them, you’ve got many options, but may not know where they are.

How To Find

A quick search can usually help you find wholesalers who provide these parts for purchase. However, before going online and searching or buying, you need to ensure that you get the right kind.


Things To Note

If you’re ordering a Bobeche chandelier part, you’ll need to know the size of the accent piece because they do come in various sizes. Take the piece off to make it easier to measure, then measure across the top diameter.


The center hole will need to be measured too, as they can range from one-half to one inch wide.


The number of pinholes will also vary, depending on the type of chandeliers you own. You’ll find the pinholes around the top lip of the piece. Remember there may be no pinholes or there may be up to 24.


Some Bobeches have scalloped edges, and some are plain. You can also find circles, squares and a flower-style option, so it’s best to know what you’re seeking before you start the buying or finding process.


You may also want to note the height of the piece. To measure this, you’ll set it on the table and measure it from the base to the top lip. That way, the replacement part will fit correctly.


You’ll also want to decide whether you want to cut crystals or pressed glass. The cut versions have more distinct and sharper lines and are usually the best choice. However, pressed glass can be slightly cheaper though you’ll see dye texture and mold lines.


If you’re seeking a crystal chandelier Bobeche, consider AB Crystal. Visit them today to find out more.

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