How to Use Crystals in the Living Space

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Crystals have always been considered valuable for their healing, technological, and spiritual qualities. From alleviating pain to powering a calculator, they can be used in several ways. Along with unique benefits and properties, crystals also look fantastic, and therefore they are often used for home décor. Here we have revealed a list of new ideas from where you can learn how to use crystals in the living space.

1. Place Them Over the Front Door

You can protect yourself and your family from negative energy by placing a crystal over the front door. Black tourmaline works as a guardian stone and prevents negative energy from entering your home. So finally, we will conclude that placing crystals over the front door can be an excellent option to protect your loved ones from spiritual or even physical attacks.

2. Use Them As Cabinet Handles

You can replace your ordinary cabinet handles with crystals. They don't just look amazing as cabinet handles but also can maximize your contact time with crystals. You can buy beautiful Asfour crystals at wholesale rates online and replace all your cabinet handles with them. 

3. Place Them Around the TV and Wi-Fi Hub

Studies show that Plasma TVs emit a small amount of UV and other types of EMF radiation from the circuitry. Prolonged exposure to EMF radiation is harmful to our health, and therefore mitigating the effects of EMF radiation becomes essential for us while watching TV. Malachite works excellently in absorbing EMF radiation that TVs emit. You can consider placing one or two near your television set to save your family from EMF exposure. You can also place a few crystals around the Wi-Fi hub to reduce the amount of EMF in your home. It will help your family to stay healthy. 

4. Make a Crystal Grid 

Crystal grids, along with the right intentions, can encourage friendship, boost communication, and even help you to relax. You can use a crystal grid as the centerpiece on your table or hide them under a chair or couch.

5. Place a Few Crystals at the Dinner Table

Crystal table decor is trending now as it can entirely transform the aesthetics of any table. Crystal energy on a dinner table can open the lines of communication between friends and family as they share a meal. 

These are the top 5 ideas that you can try to decorate your living space using crystals. You can buy high-quality Asfour crystals at wholesale prices from ABCrystal. Some of our bestselling crystal sets are:

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