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Chandeliers have been around for decades, and you're certainly aware that they're beautiful lights that look fantastic in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and other areas. 

Is A Crystal Chandelier A Thing Of The Past?

Light fixtures come and go throughout time, but crystal chandeliers are timeless since they are still popular in both modern and traditional home decor.

Many reputable suppliers offer chandelier crystals at a wholesale rate. But, before you order those crystals, have a look at some of the most popular crystal chandeliers for indoor and outdoor use.

Rectangular Crystal Chandeliers

Rectangular crystal chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and are utilized in a variety of indoor living spaces as well as some outdoor areas such as porches and foyers. To satisfy the needs of consumers, the light fixtures are equipped with many modern features such as dimmers and LED bulb compatibility. Of course, raindrop crystals adorn them, elevating them to the status of works of art rather than just lighting fixtures. Whether or not they're lighted, they create a powerful statement in your space.

Round Crystal Chandeliers

Round crystal chandeliers come in a variety of styles and sizes. They're a mix of flush mount lights and chandeliers that may be used both indoors and out.

People can use them as entryway illumination outdoors. Overall, circular chandeliers are light fixtures that can be moved around and provide extra color to any space. LED bulbs are used in some of the fixtures, which means lower energy consumption and other advantages of LED lamps.

Pendant Crystal Chandeliers

Pendant-style crystal chandeliers are also available in a variety of designs. They're stylish, and they're a mix of pendants and chandeliers. They have a long dangling chain/cord with numerous lights on them. These are ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, among other places.

Regular Crystals Chandeliers

Chandeliers with arms, as well as more modern forms, are available. The lights have a variety of crystal and arm types.

You may take the crystal out and hang them as you like. Most of the fixtures come with easily replaceable crystals, so you won't have to worry about changing them when they break. Crystal chandeliers come in a variety of forms. They're ideal for ceilings in bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor spaces.

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ABCrystal is the leading supplier of chandelier crystals at wholesale prices.

They provide a large selection of Asfour crystals in a variety of sets, styles, designs, and pricing levels. You can order the crystals you like based on the style and texture of the chandelier.

Pear Shape Crystals, Crystal Balls, Octagon Crystals, Pendeloque Crystals, Crystal Drops, Crystal Hearts, and a variety of other crystals are available for purchase.

We have been offering these products since 2001 and carry a vast assortment of crystal designs. All of our Chandelier Crystal Parts are manufactured by Asfour 30 percent Lead Company from Egypt.

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