The Beginner's Guide to Crystals

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Crystals are known for their aesthetic value and healing powers. You can also use them in your art and craft projects. We visualize beautiful mineral objects in regular geometric patterns when thinking about crystals. However, for gemologists, crystals are only solids whose atoms are arranged in a highly ordered repeating pattern.

Overall, it is fair to conclude that any mineral with atoms in a highly arranged way is a crystal. This post will discuss all the information about this beautiful gift of nature and reveal the best place where you can buy glass chandelier crystals in bulk in the USA.

What Is a Crystal ?

A crystalline solid or crystal is a solid material whose constituents like molecules, atoms, ions are arranged in a highly ordered manner. It allows the solid to form a crystal lattice that expands in all directions. Crystals in macroscopic view are recognizable by their geometrical shape that consists of flat faces with different characteristic orientations. The scientific education of crystals (crystal formation) is known as crystallography, and the process of crystal formation through the crystal growth mechanisms is known as solidification or crystallization.

Diamonds, table salt, and snowflakes are some of the most popular examples of large crystals. It is also essential to know that most inorganic solids are not crystal but polycrystal, which is a result of microscopic crystals that have been fused into a single solid. Metals, ceramics, rocks, and ice are a few of the many examples of polycrystals. There's a third category of solids that you will find in this family known as amorphous solids. In the case of amorphous solids, atoms do not follow any periodic structure. Most types of plastics, glass, and wax are the few common examples of amorphous solids.


Most of the crystals have natural origins. They may form in an inorganic way like the geological processes within the earth. Crystals can also originate from living creatures through organic methods. Experts can also create crystals artificially in laboratories. Synthetic gem material, cubic zirconia, are the few artificial cubic crystal structures that have been created by superheating zirconium dioxide and zirconium. This type of material is commonly used as diamond imitations.

How to Clean Crystals

Holding crystals under running water or soaking them in salty water are the best ways to clean them. You can also use seawater to cleanse crystals. So, if you are near the ocean, consider putting your crystal in a bowl of fresh saltwater. Make sure that the item is completely submerged. Keep it in the bowl for a few hours and then rinse and pat dry when complete.  

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