Top Five Crystal Craft Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

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Crystals make us feel magical and leave us mesmerized. Besides, they also have special healing powers. However, many of us don't use crystal prism for ornaments or jewelry. You can create fantastic crystal ornaments using crystal prism. Continue reading to know about some of the creative crystal craft ideas that will leave you fascinated!

  1. Crystal Necklace

Some crystals look too good compared to others. You can invest in one such crystal and make a necklace with it. ABCrystal is a leading online store offering a variety of Swarovski crystals for sale.

Swarovski is an Austrian producer of top-quality sparkling crystals. We are a certified distributor of Swarovski crystal beads and Strass prisms. We also offer Chandelier replacement parts (created by Asfour) to our customers across the nation. It has been 20 years since we are serving the industry. 

You can count on us to buy a high-quality crystal for your necklace. We can assure you that a crystal necklace will be a unique piece of your jewelry collection.

  1. Crystal Magnet

Do you know that you can convert your crystal into a magnet within just five minutes? After buying a colorful raw crystal, apply some glue on the flattest surface of your crystal. You can consider using a blend of super and hot glue to get the best result. Keep the crystal for 3 hours and let it dry. After that, stick it to a fridge or other magnetic surface you prefer. Making a crystal magnet and attaching it to your fridge is a great way to add magical beauty to your kitchen.

  1. Crystal Ring

You can also use crystals as a stone and make a ring with it. You can easily create a DIY crystal ring using common hand tools. However, you can also visit a jeweler for the same.

  1. Ornament Display

Displaying your jewelry properly is essential to draw the attention of potential customers. You can easily convert a raw crystal into magnets by following the tips mentioned above and stick it on a magnetic surface. Your crystal jewelry display is now ready to use. You can use it to display necklaces, pendants, etc.

  1. Gift Box with Crystal Topped

You can also use a beautiful crystal on the top of your gift box to make it look more mesmerizing. Displaying your jewelry is not the end of your business. Meanwhile, you also have to focus on its packaging to maintain consistency in your branding efforts. You can consider using a crystal on the top of your product box to surprise your customers.

Buy Crystals at the Best Price

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We guarantee 100% authentic products at the most affordable prices. You never have to regret your decision if you consider buying crystals from us.

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