Why Is It a Good Option to Buy Swarovski Crystals at Wholesale from AbCrystal?

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Who does not love to view the sight of crystals? The dazzling pieces of crystals can win any heart with their exquisiteness and brilliance in shine and sparkle. Crystal pieces are not only precious in their value but also, they have many usages. Crystals are used to craft jewelry pieces and interior décor items like statues or figurines, and they are a vital component of the crystal chandeliers. When you are considering buying crystals, it is always best to choose the Swarovski crystals. It is a world-famous crystal manufacturing brand offering the widest variety of the finest crystals. Buying Swarovski crystals is a purchase of a lifetime as they are extremely precious and durable and can last you a lifetime. The good news is you can buy Swarovski crystals at wholesale online from ABCrystal.  

What is so special about the Swarovski crystals?

The Swarovski crystals made by the world-famous Austrian crystal manufacturing company are the most beautiful and the finest variety of crystals available today. These crystals aren’t actually crystals, rather they are a man-made form of glass that is crafted with a unique process that has been patented by the company. The exact raw materials used and the highly specialized manufacturing process by which these crystals are formed are not known.

The Swarovski crystals are created with the highest possible degree of precision that gives them their diamond-like dazzles. They have a much higher refraction index than ordinary crystals and this takes them closer to real diamonds in brilliance and shine.


Swarovski crystals are lead crystals that are made at high temperatures by melting silicon oxide powder with lead. The lead content is high, approximately 32%, to increase the refractive index of the crystals in order to match their brilliance with that of the diamonds. The high-quality finish of these crystals also adds to their exclusiveness. The appearance of the crystals is often further enhanced by coating the glass with an Aurora Borealis or AB coating. It provides a rainbow-like appearance to the surface like that of diamonds. 


Buy Swarovski’s famous jewelry items and animal figurines

You can decorate the interiors of your house with Swarovski’s popular animal figurines like jaguars, leopards, stallions, swans, etc., and adorn yourself with the timeless crystal jewelry pieces. 


Why buy Swarovski crystals wholesale from the online store of ABCrystal?

It is always a wise thing to buy crystals from trustworthy online sellers like ABCrystal.  Whether you are looking for Swarovski crystals for your chandelier or for creating jewelry items, different varieties are offered by these wholesalers. There are clear octagon-shaped one-hole Swarovski crystal chandelier parts, pendeloque crystals, pear-shaped crystals, strass hexagonal prisms, strass crystal sun disk prisms, and a lot more varieties. So, buy Swarovski crystals wholesale from ABCrystal and add gorgeousness to your chandeliers.


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