Asfour Crystal Parts For Candelabra: Essential Tips For Home Decoration

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Crystal candelabra can give a touch of elegance to any social event. It increases the visual interest and visual appeal that can fit any special occasion. Many people want to have Crystal decorations in their house for their magical powers to clean the energy in the space and to amplify positive energy. Besides, it is a wonderful decoration piece that can be used in wedding receptions, dinner parties, and other festive affairs. If you so wish, you can enhance the sparkling Crystals of your Candelabra by adding color, texture, and innovative design to make a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your event. Kindly read this blog to know how to decorate Asfour Crystal parts for Candelabra

Unique Tips How to Decorate Your Home With Crystal:

  • First, place candles into the holders of Crystal candelabra. You must select the color of the candles based on the design and artwork of your Crystal Candelabra. The right color can enhance your table and theme decorations. Asfour Crystal parts for Candelabra should be able to reflect the light of the candle which can create a perfect ambiance for your event. 
  • Use color drapes or clear glass beads through the extended arms of your Crystal candelabra to add an additional shimmer to an already sparkling centerpiece. You can use white or ivory tapers to get a neutral hue. For luxurious and over-the-top looks allow long strands to float generously. The bead colors must coordinate with your existing party decor.
  • You can wrap a flower garland around your Crystal candelabra’s base to ad a soft look and provide natural color elements to contrast with the Asfour Crystal. Snip the flower garland with wire cutters and add a drop of hot glue between the Crystal and the garland to secure it in place. Choose the right type of flower to decorate the centerpiece and enhance the light reflection. 
  • Knot the flower garland with wire tightly around the Crystal base of the candle holder in your Crystal candelabra. Cut the flower garland with wire cutters for completing the circle. Again add a hot glue in between the Crystal and garland to secure its place.
  • Use flower petals around the base of the Crystal candelabra for decorating the Crystal centerpiece with the table. You can also place small glass holders among the scattered flower petals filled with tea-light candles to create an additional sparkling glow.  


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