How To Choose Clear Crystal Chandeliers That Complement Your Space?

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Shopping for a chandelier might be overwhelming because there is so much to consider. Is it still fashionable to have chandeliers made of crystal? Is it possible to use a chandelier in a mid-century dining room? How big of a chandelier should you get? 

Read on to learn how to shop for a chandelier and find the correct style and size for your space.

Crystal Chandeliers: Are They In or Out of Style?

In today's dining rooms, living rooms, and formal entry halls, traditional crystal chandeliers are still popular. In any room with high ceilings, a crystal chandelier creates a striking statement by illuminating the entire space.  

Chandeliers were created to support multiple candles in big places such as dining rooms and ballrooms. The candlelight was enhanced by sparkling crystals, and a design symbol was formed. People adored the soft glow of a chandelier even when candles were replaced by gas and electricity. 

Crystals are still used in certain modern chandelier designs to create a warm mood.

Where Can A Chandelier Be Used? 

You can go everywhere you want! We've grown accustomed to drab, builder-grade ceiling fixtures that we've forgotten how to use lighting creatively. A chandelier will look wonderful in a space if the size and style match your decor. 


Chandeliers are the biggest lighting style. Any location with a high enough ceiling to support a chandelier is fair game. In a master bath, hallway, or closet, we love seeing a chandelier bobeches with gold pins make a statement. Mini-chandeliers are perfect for compact rooms with low ceilings.

How To Find Your Style When Shopping For Chandeliers?


So, how do you select the ideal chandelier for your residence? Consider your space's interior design first. Do you decorate with a theme in mind, such as Farmhouse or Mid-Century? Alternatively, if your style is more eclectic and Bohemian, anything you want would look wonderful.


Next, consider whether you want a light fixture that stands out or one that blends in. Choose a chandelier with an eclectic design and clean, simple lines if you're a Boho who enjoys a Minimalist aesthetic.


Adding a modern edge to a traditional area by combining rustic and modern finishes is a great way to do it. Pick a chandelier that adds gloss to a farmhouse kitchen or a neutral-toned bedroom. 

What Size Chandelier Do You Require?


You'll need to measure the space and keep the following in mind when choosing the proper size chandelier for your room:

  • The height of the ceiling
  • Room dimensions (length and breadth)
  • To get enough light, you'll need a certain number of bulbs.
  • Is the chandelier hanging over a dining table, a seating area, or an open space?
  • Is it visible from a stairwell or landing?

You need to check these few things first before you choose a chandelier.

How High Should A Chandelier Be Hanged?


Chandeliers must be seven feet above the floor in bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, and kitchens so that people can safely walk below them. To hang a chandelier closer to the ceiling, your electrician can shorten the cord. It may dangle a little lower if it's going over a bed; just make sure you don't bump against it.

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